Local Vessels (Any vessel who wishes to benefit from the local rate must remain on this rate for a minimum of 4 quarters):

Vessel Length Price (Quarterly)
Under 10m Potter £260.91
Under 10m Trawler £521.81
10-15m Trawler £695.75
15m+ Trawler £1,043.63

Visiting Vessels:

Activity Price
Berthing Rate £35 per night, chargeable for 5 nights out of every 7
Landing Rate (over 25 boxes) £1.40 per fish box / bag of scallops

Ice - £55 per tonne

Chill Storage - £7.50 per day (up to 50 boxes or 5 pallet spaces). Any additional boxes will be charged at 15p per box, and any additional pallets charged at £1.50 per pallet.